ZSchool PP2 2009!

This is a blog for those who participated in last year’s ZSchool PP2 seminar. As you may have noticed the forums for that subject are open again with our previous material from last semester is still in place.

We made a good start at discussing and engaging on some of the issues surrounding Parsoc/Parecon but we didn’t get any projects off the ground. We shouldn’t let our efforts or the ZSchool facilities go to waste.

I’ve posted a suggestion in the Project Plans forum on the PP2 ZSchool page for some ways we can regain our momentum and work together this semester. It would be great to start discussion again and hear others’ ideas and feedback.

The ZSchool seminar provides a good venue for discussion but more importantly we have the chance to work in a concerted manner to create one or two projects that build off the foundation we created last semester.

Hope to see you there!

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