Kicking Away the Ladder: Development Strategy in Historical Perspective

How did the rich countries really become rich? In this provocative new study, Ha-Joon Chang examines the great pressure on developing countries from the developed world to adopt certain -good policies" and -good institutions", seen today as necessary for economic development. Adopting a historical approach, Dr Chang finds that the economic evolution of now-developed countries differed dramatically from the procedures that they now recommend to poorer nations. His conclusions are compelling and disturbing: that developed countries are attempting to -kick away the ladder" by which they have climbed to the top, thereby preventing developing counties from adopting policies and institutions that they themselves used.

About Authors, Editors, and Contributors
Dr Ha-Joon Chang has taught at the Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge, since 1990. His recent books include Kicking Away the Ladder: Development Strategy in Historical Perspective (2002), which is the winner of the 2003 Myrdal Prize, Restructuring Korea Inc. (with Jang-Sup Shin, 2003), Globalization, Economic Development and the Role of the State (2003), and Reclaiming Development: An Alternative Economic Policy Manual (with Ilene Grabel, 2004). His writings have been translated into 12 languages. He has advised many governments, international organizations, NGOs and business organizations. He is the winner, together with Richard Nelson of Columbia University, of 2005 Leontief Prize.

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