The Bowl With One Spoon: V.1 . The American Empire and the Fourth World

The American Empire and the Fourth World presents a sweeping analysis of encounters between Indigenous peoples and European empires, national governments, and transnational corporations on the moving frontiers of globalization. Anthony Hall connects many histories, including those of Canada, Latin American, South America, India, Australia, and the United States. Arguing that the globalization debate actually began in 1492, he links the horrific treatment of aboriginal people in the United States to the ethnic and religious prejudices that underlie the current war on terrorism.

How can we elaborate a global rule of law based on equality and democracy when the world’s most powerful polity acknowledges no higher authority in the international arena than its own domestic priorities? For Hall the answer lies in the concept of the Fourth World, and inclusive intellectual tent covering a wide range of anti-imerpialist movements whose leaders seek to implement alternative views of globalization. Larger than any earlier political movement, the Fourth World emphasizes human rights and biocultural diversity, embracing basic principles that include the inherent right of self-determination and a more just approach to international law.

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