Getting Serious About White Deviance

Tim Wise


Whom It May Concern:


great excitement, I recently discovered your organization’s work for the

betterment of mankind, through the applied science of racial research. As

someone who has been investigating the disproportionately pathological

tendencies of persons of European descent–whites in the popular

vernacular–imagine my delight upon reading your Charter, which notes:


Pioneer Fund is committed to the proposition that people of different ethnic and

cultural backgrounds are, on the basis of heredity, inherently unequal and can

never be expected to behave or perform equally."


I couldn’t have said it better; and given our mutual interest in racial

differences, I feel certain you will be intrigued by my funding proposal.


as your group has lavishly financed those whose work demonstrates the

intellectual deficiencies of blacks, so too is it critical to examine the

reasons for the disproportionate drug use, binge drinking, and propensity for

serial murder that are the hallmarks of the Caucasian population.


it has long been known that roughly 90% of serial killers in modern history have

been white, only recently has evidence emerged to illuminate the epidemic of

substance abuse in the white community.


to the Department of Health and Human Services, whites are 11% more likely to

have used drugs than blacks and 25% more likely to have done so than Hispanics.

What’s more, recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and the National

Household Drug Abuse Survey indicates:

  • White

    high schoolers are 4.5 times more likely than blacks to have used cocaine;

    3.6 times more likely to have gotten high using inhalants, like paint fumes

    or Liquid Paper; twice as likely as blacks to have used heroin; and six

    times more likely to have used methamphetamine. In fact, there are more

    white high school students who have used crystal meth than black students

    who regularly smoke cigarettes;

  • Whites

    are 43% more likely than blacks to drink alcohol and 27% more likely to

    binge drink than blacks (consuming five or more drinks at a time), with

    white youth more than twice as likely as black youth to binge;

  • Whites

    are 74% more likely than blacks to binge drink regularly (at least five

    times monthly), and white youth are three times as likely to do so;

  • In

    fact, there are more whites who binge drink at least once a month than there

    are blacks in the entire U.S. population!



  • According

    to a private study, white college students consume three times more

    alcoholic beverages weekly than black students, are 65% more likely to drink

    to the point of being hungover, and 71% more likely to drink ’till they



more, these white behaviors put others at substantial risk:

  • Whites

    are almost twice as likely as blacks to drive drunk, and 15% more likely to

    do so than Hispanics;

  • Whites

    between 12-17, are 34% more likely than black youth to have sold drugs in

    the past year;

  • The

    annual cost of white alcohol and drug abuse is approximately $200 billion in

    escalated health care and law enforcement expenditures, as well as lost


  • White

    males are 24% more likely than black males to have carried a weapon in the

    last thirty days; and white males in high school are twice as likely as

    their black counterparts to bring a weapon to school.


these overwhelmingly consistent examples of white pathology be mere coincidence?

Or might they indicate a genetic predisposition to such harmful activities?

Surely, the latter possibility is strong enough to warrant a massive research

effort to get to the bottom of these phenomena.


course, the liberals will insist there are environmental explanations for white

drug and alcohol problems. One can imagine them trying to blame two-earner white

families for being too busy with their dot-com startup or landscaping classes at

Home Depot to give their children the nurturing needed to resist drugs. But as

the Department of Health and Human Services data indicates, white kids are 27%

more likely than blacks to receive anti-drug information from parents, and 24%

more likely to receive similar information in school, yet they just can’t seem

to put down their needles and pipes.


some will insist white alcoholism is environmentally-conditioned–what with

happy hour at TGI Friday’s and Chili’s entrapping white businessmen and soccer

moms to get plowed on Micro-Brews and Flaming Margaritas–in the end, I feel

confident that scientific truth will prevail, and whites will be forced to take

personal responsibility for their behavior.


for the methodology I will use to determine if there is a white genetic

predisposition to substance abuse, I have written to Phillipe Rushton, of

Ontario to ask for his assistance. Having generously underwritten Rushton’s work

on black hypersexuality–which you’ll recall he demonstrated by going to a

shopping mall and asking blacks, whites and Asians how far they could

ejaculate–you will no doubt appreciate my desire to include him in this

endeavor. I propose that Rushton return to the mall and ask blacks, whites, and

Asians how many bong hits they can do without choking, and how many tabs of

ecstasy they can take before their eyeballs roll back in their head and they

begin to drool.


with help from the folks at the Genome Project, it should be easy to find not

only the substance abuse genes in Caucasian DNA, but also those correlated with

other high-risk, mostly white, and I dare say, pathological behaviors, like

bunjee-jumping, skydiving, and body-piercing.


of all, this research could directly impact public policy. Currently, in part

because folks don’t know about disproportionate white substance abuse, law

enforcement efforts are often foolishly targeted against blacks.


example, although blacks are 14% of drug users, they are 35% of those arrested

for possession, 55% of those convicted, and 75% of those incarcerated for drugs.

In cities like Baltimore, Columbus and Minneapolis, blacks are anywhere from

five to twenty times more likely to be arrested for drugs, though whites are the

more likely users.


worse, the drug arrest rate for black juveniles has recently climbed by over

75%, while for whites it has fallen 34%, and black youth are 48 times more

likely to be incarcerated for a drug offense than whites with the same record,

even though evidence indicates whites will more likely re-offend.


exposing pathological white substance abuse, my research could lead to a more

efficient use of law enforcement dollars: instead of stopping cars driven by

blacks, we could set up roadblocks leading into the suburbs, trailer parks, and

gated communities where so many white addicts reside.


some will complain they’re being victimized for "Driving While White,"

but like Dinesh D’Souza says, "rational discrimination applies the logic of

predictive evaluation to racial groups," and "is not premised upon

assumptions of biological inferiority." In short, it’s nothing personal.


we could drug test all white college students receiving federal financial aid,

and raid their fraternities and sororities, suspending all subsidies to those

testing positive for narcotics, or those under 21 who have been drinking.

Unfair? Hardly: as D’Souza continues:


discrimination…can be fully eradicated only by getting rid of destructive

conduct by the group that forms the basis for statistically valid group

distinctions. It is difficult to compel people to admire groups, many of whose

members do not act admirably."


Dinesh was talking about rational discrimination against blacks by taxi drivers,

it only seems fair to apply the principle consistently, as I’m sure you’d agree.


this research might inadvertently cause prejudice and discrimination against

innocent whites, unfairly labeled deviant because of their group’s proclivities,

the search for truth cannot be suppressed in the name of political correctness:

facts are facts, and we must go where they lead, just as those intrepid

scholars, Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein did in The Bell Curve, many of

whose sources were researchers funded by your courageous organization.


this is controversial. But my research would be in keeping with a Pioneer

tradition, begun in the ’30′s when your group’s founders imported copies of a

Nazi propaganda film on race hygiene, for screening by American schools and

civic groups.


as this film, "Applied Eugenics in Present-Day Germany," demonstrated

the folly of spending money to keep the Rhineland’s genetic defectives alive, so

too could my research demonstrate the waste of pouring money into drug education

in mostly white schools: after all, you just can’t get through to some people.


may be that nothing can wean whites from their insatiable appetites for drugs

and alcohol. If so, then just as your founder, Wickliffe Draper, once said

blacks were "genetically inferior," and "ought to be repatriated

to Africa," so too will you surely be brave enough to call for a

full-fledged "back to Europe" movement, so as to rid the U.S. of

millions of narcotized Caucasian parasites.


one of your grantees, Richard Lynn says, it might even be necessary to

"phase out" inferior cultures: a prospect that might apply to whites

if they’re unwilling or unable to clean themselves up. Such is the price of



I anxiously await your reply to my funding request. I have also contacted the

Free Press (which published The Bell Curve and D’Souza’s The End of Racism),

since they seemed the natural choice to publish my research, once it is ready to

appear in book form. I have even proposed a title: either The ‘Saved By the

Bell’ Curve–named after a Saturday morning television show, popular with white

kids (probably because they’re stoned)–or the Bell-Bottom Curve: a satirical

reference to the style of pants made popular in the late ’60′s and early ’70′s

by whites (especially hippies and potheads).


would appreciate any ideas you may have for the research or the title of this

guaranteed best seller. Please respond quickly: the future of our country is at








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