‘Reprehensible, Reckless, Illegal': Washington Officials Slam Heroic NSA Surveillance Leaker

sweeping surveillance of Americans by the NSA revealed this week, but letting Americans know that such surveillance exists.

Speaking to CBS on Friday, WikiLeaks' Julian Assange said, “Let’s ask ourselves whether the whistleblower who has revealed those, and there’s more to come, is going to be in exactly the same position as Bradley Manning is in today.”

Journalist and Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald, part of the team that broke the stories, wrote on Friday of the courage of whistleblowers in the face of such intimidation:

said there should be an investigation to find the source of the leak:

said the leak was "reprehensible" and could cause "irreversible harm:"

On the Hunt for the NSA Wiretapping Leaker:"

offered this blunt statement: