Words and Arrogance

In all languages there are some words that are very “powerful” in embodying evil or good. For example, in the German language there are two words whose “power” one cannot ignore. The words are “Volk” (people) and “Dorf” (village). The racist evil embodied in the expression “German Volk” has been analyzed in innumerable pages and is now part of history. The “beauty” of the thing is that the “German Volk”, a “chosen people”, tried (and almost succeeded) to eliminate another “chosen people”, the Jewish people. The word “Dorf” is a much “milder” word that can have a positive meaning, yet it can be very “dangerous”. As a matter of fact, the German “Dorfs” were declared “off limits” for foreigners, especially dark-skinned ones, during the recent soccer World Cup in Germany, as too dangerous for them. Let us dwell a bit on the “dangerous” part. The German “Dorf” of Pretzien is the home of 915 (German) souls and is situated about 20 miles west of the river Elbe in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt in the formerly communist part of Germany. A few weeks ago, on June 24, 2006, in Pretzien there was a (not very uncommon) Christian-pagan “fiesta” to celebrate the solstice, etc. There was, a celebratory fire, singing, dancing, and other “cultural events”, according to the printed program. The cultural events started by the burning of the American flag and the singing by the men’s choir of the “Pretziener Heimatlied” (the patriotic home song of Pretzien) which extols the beauty of Pretzien, and whose lyrics were concocted by the Mayor of the village, Friedrich Harwig. Then, a young villager (Lars K.) stepped forward and saying that he “will throw Anne Frank into the fire” he threw a paperback copy of the book “The Diary of Ann Frank” into the fire, adding “Alles Lug und Trug” (“all lies and frauds”). Present at the burning were about 60 villagers and the Mayor. What followed is rather what was expected, but with some interesting points. The local and the national German press chastised the burning of the book and accused the Mayor for doing nothing (while present), the state officials characterized the act as “shameful” and “particularly hideous”, etc. However, the young persons that did the “hideous” act apologized to their fellow villagers only for giving a “bad name” to the village (not for their Nazi behavior). As a matter of fact, during the night they let out the air from the tires of a journalist that had her car parked in front of the local hotel. Also, the mayor, a former leftist (!) and presently a neo-Nazi “sympathizer”, when asked by a journalist on the phone to express his view on the matter he shouted on the phone: “Have you no respect? I am just having lunch! Mind your own business and research your own territory!” Only forty miles southeast of Pretzien there is the town of Halle, the birthplace of George Frideric Handel, one of the most important humans ever born. Three hundred years after the birth of Handel, in 2002, the area was seriously flooded by the adjacent Elbe river. Among the young people that helped fight the flood were the ones that burnt the Anne Frank book. While battling the flood these young neo-Nazis wore T-Shirts with the inscription “Wehrmacht Prezien” in gothic letters! [For the young readers: "Wehrmacht" was Hitler's army.] Should one consider this book-burning (in the Germany of 2006) as something of significance? The answer, especially these last days of July 2006 (or better these last hours of July 27 after the events in Lebanon and the Gaza) is a definite Yes! [Note: The decades-long effort to discredit the Anne Frank book, claiming that part of it was written with a ballpoint pen, etc, though an expected reaction of the Christian right-wingers, is irrelevant. There are hundreds of thousands of Anne Franks, whose ashes are spread all over Europe. Also, the fact that there is an "Anne Frank Industry" as a subsidiary of the (according to Norman G. Finkelstein) "Holocaust Industry" created by the US Jewish lobby, does not detract from the pain and the meaning of the Anne Frank truth.] There is a number of questions of paramount importance that are related to the clean-cut German youths of Pretzien, the youthful Israeli soldiers, the white people, etc. Why do the youths of Pretzien hate the Jews and not the Israeli soldiers? Why do they burn the American flag, while financed by the KKK and American neo-Nazis from Texas? Why do the young Israelis blow babies to pieces or burn them to death with phosphorus? Why do Israelis hate all the people in the world except Rumsfeld, Chenney, ConDolcezza, et al? Why white people hate black, yellow, and red people? Let us examine some facts related to these questions: – Odessa, July 25, 1906: “[The] Cossacks have declared that they will slaughter all the Jews in Proskhorovskaya street, where their comrade was killed…” The Cossacks were and are Orthodox (i.e. the “real”) Christians. It is “natural” for the Israelis to hate the Cossacks. Do they plan to kill Cossack babies in the near future? We shall see. – The Warsaw Ghetto, 1943: “Polish girls were overheard joking, ‘Come, look, how cutlets from Jews are frying,’ as the ghetto burned… With the war over, and to the tumultuous applause, a thousand delegates of the Polish Peasant Party actually passed a resolution thanking Hitler for annihilating Polish Jewry… [W]hile the Nazis killed millions of Jews, Poles killed thousands… In the most notorious episode, 60 years ago this month [in July 1946, more than a year after the death of Hitler], residents of Kielce, among them policemen, soldiers, and boy scouts [!], murdered 80 Jews. ‘The immense courtyard was still littered with blood-stained iron pipes, stones and clubs, which had been used to crush the skulls of Jewish men and women’… It was the largest peacetime pogrom in the 20th-century Europe… Days before the pogrom, the Polish primate, Cardinal August Hlond had spurned Jewish entreaties to condemn Roman-Catholic anti-Semitism…” [International Herald Tribune, July 22-23, '06]. As I understand, Catholics are Christians and maybe even better Christians than the Orthodox Cossacks. Also, a young seminarian, named Karol Wojtyla (later chosen by the US to become Pope John Paul II) was observing all the above. Why then the Israelis show so great respect for Wojtyla? Is there a “relationship” between the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto and the young Israeli soldiers in Lebanon? If there is a relationship, do these soldiers plan to search (and destroy) the Polish murderers of “those” Jews? – A mountain road in Crete, 1963: A couple of Greek engineers and I stop at some point of the road to have a lemonade. A (white) German couple, on their tour of Crete, approach us and strike a conversation. The male, in a reprimanding and arrogant tone, declares that as long as the Greeks are not capable of filling the potholes in the asphalt pavement of the mountain road, they should ask the Germans to solve this technical problem. Being obliged to answer to the German gentleman I reminded him that Hitler considered the Germans as the “continuation” of the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks considered any “manual” employment fit only for “subhumans” (i.e. slaves). The superior humans just philosophized while goring or walking. So, the modern Greeks following the example of their illustrious ancestors did not involve themselves with the manual act of filling the lowly potholes, they left that for… lower humans. So, the Germans, experts in filling potholes, belonged to the latter category. Also, to the German gentleman I added that, worldwide, the equipment that lays the most important course, the surface course, of an asphalt pavement originated with a US Company, with the name of “Barber Green”, and not with the Germans. Based on the expression on the face of the German gentleman, I concluded that my explanation did not satisfy him. [Note: Most Greeks are of a dark complexion. A fact that possibly was repugnant to the German gentleman. However, my Greek compatriots consider themselves to be THE chosen people]. – The island of Lesbos, July 6, 2006: Lesbos is a Greek island, of triangular shape (50×35 miles), situated on the north-eastern rim of the Aegean sea, a few miles off the Turkish coast. The most important contributions of Lesbos to human history are a name for female homosexuality and a 20 million years old petrified forest. Now, a Greek customs official added one more contribution to the civilization of the West; the Aryan pride! The Spanish couple of Daniel Alcazar, a bookstore owner in Brussels, and his wife Maria Eron, an employee of the Parliament of the European Union, arrived in Lesbos in the evening of July 6, ’06. [Note: The couple have an adopted child belonging to the Chinese race]. A Greek customs official kept the couple and their child sequestered for 2.5 hours for passport control. The reason for this harassment is to be found in the words of the (Aryan) Greek to the (white) Spanish couple. Addressing them he congratulated them for “the striking resemblance” of the Chinese child to them! Of course, Greeks think of themselves as not racists. – Israel, July 2006: The photo is all over the international press and on TV screens worldwide: Israeli girls, of elementary school age, are writing messages with red ink felt-tip pens on the sides of huge artillery shells. One of the messages writes: “whit love from Israel”. The only human quality of the girl who wrote this is the misspelling of the word “with”. Is she old enough to know that what she is doing is wrong? Yes! I am writing this not very far from this Israeli girl, on an Island at the center of the Aegean. Let her and the adults that appear in the photo (and who probably encouraged her in her “artistic” effort) know that if her face was recognized here on this island by locals and by the thousands of tourists from all over the earth on the island, she would not feel very comfortable with their reaction. It rests with her to pay back the adults that marked her young life with this hideous picture and to seek a moral way of life and, what is more important, to apologize to the parents of the babies that were blown to pieces by the shells with her message on them. There is no need to go on with the citing of additional incidents of evil by Christians, Israelis, etc and of arrogance and racism by white people. However, there is a (personal) need to have answers to some additional questions: – I have great respect for black Americans. However, I wonder why as a black community they do not react to the “antiques” and to the acts of one of them who as a black facade for the Bush family of war criminals is a disgrace to her race and a war criminal herself; Condoleezza Rice. Years ago, there was a quite interesting analysis about the majority of blacks in the US prisons being, in reality, “political prisoners”. Observing, in my daily life, the deep hatred for Rice of ordinary Greeks, I would expect that this politicized ( and imprisoned) section of the black community would at least keep Rice’s servile criminality constantly in the limelight. Am I wrong in my estimate of this situation and in my expectations? – The same holds for Clarence Thomas, the black facade in the US Supreme Court. Why his voting record is not constantly publicized and discussed in the American black community? Is my question about this legitimate? – Finally, to close this article, what and who is a Jew? First, I had to examine my personal experience with Jews in Greece. During the Nazi occupation my family sheltered close to a dozen Jews in a small place at the foot of Mt. Pendeli, north of Athens. The adult relative of mine did that because he thought of them as just a group of humans. In the high school (40s) and in the University (50s) there were a couple of Jewish classmates. I never thought of them as “different”. Both of them do not give a shit about Israel. Then, there is the friend (in her late 70s) who at the age of 15 was taken by the Nazis to Auschwitz, survived the ovens because of the timely “protection” of a German guard, after her liberation she escaped the rape by the soldiers of the victorious allies with the help of a document drawn by an officer of the Soviet Army that (falsely) warned the soldiers that she had a venereal disease, and finally returned to Greece. I do not dare ask her opinion about today’s events in Lebanon. I do not dare tell her that the Israelis of today are the “continuation” of the Nazis. An opinion held by the majority of the population of the world. My conclusion: a Jew is simply another human. Nothing more. Who is a Jew? Is an Israeli a Jew (i.e. an ordinary human)? If it is true that about 30% to 40% of Israelis are American-born then these Israelis are not ordinary humans. They are “chosen humans”. They are Americans. The rest of the Israelis are “proxies” of the Americans, therefore “chosen humans” by association. The tacit assumption is that Bush (the second) was chosen by God. Does this hold for ordinary Americans also? One can dispute that this is a choice by the benevolent “God”. What one cannot dispute is the blood of the Afghanis, the Iraqis, the Palestinians, and the Lebanese being spilt this moment by God’s “chosen criminals”.

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