Zany U.S. Rafting Policy

Saul Landau


hurricane time in the Caribbean, so we’ll have a temporary respite from Cubans

floating to Florida on inner tubes from that red island 90 miles away, and even

from Cubans brought over in speedboats. Smugglers earn up to $8,000 per person

they bring illegally into the United States.


all other migrants, Cubans who set foot on US shore have a fast track ride

toward permanent residency. Thanks to the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, Cubans who

float, swim or fly here get special treatment since we presume that only an

anti-Communist hero would do such a risky and illegal thing.


wait! The US government set up an office in Havana to bring 20,000 Cubans here

legally each year. Some have close relatives here; others have serious political

disagreements with Fidel’s government, which makes life difficult for them in

Cuba. You would think we would encourage Cubans who want to come here to apply

for visas at our office in Havana. Instead, Radio Marti, a US government agency,

broadcasts into Cuba about how even Cubans who don’t meet the standards for our

visa can still become legal residents just by stepping on US soil.


people with criminal records as well as those seeking opportunity jump on rafts

or pay smugglers to bring them here on speedboats? Our Coast Guard has recently

attempted to stop these modern pirates with their human cargoes from reaching

our shores. Some Cubans have drowned as boats collided and Coast Guard officials

have had to water hose Cuban swimmers to keep them from our shore. Humiliating!


going on, I ask myself? I called Mr. Low Windpipe, my reliable national security



policy toward Cuba is designed to punish one man, Fidel Castro. For some people

he’s considered the only important resident of that island. We sign migration

treaties with his government and then we subvert those treaties."


don’t get it. How does it punish Castro to lure Cubans here illegally while

simultaneously establishing a legal means for them to migrate. It embarrasses

the Coast Guard and the Clinton Administration, provokes xenophobia and

endangers peoples lives.


has become an obsessive compulsion," he explained. "Castro’s been

disobedient for forty plus years and we haven’t been able to work our usual

imperial magic on him."


I asked.


death or surrender, son."


don’t get it. People in the administration are willing to create a crisis just

to hurt Castro — who doesn’t get hurt.


it in a nutshell, son. I should mention the fanatic anti-Castro lobby that pours

lots of money into political campaigns. Of course, a president with principals

and cojones could stop all this nonsense."


you think that after the 2000 election…


he said, "President Beatty will certainly change the policy."


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