Mighty and Superior

Mighty and superior we are the rulers you are the ruled,
We say the grass is greener on the other side,
but you can't see that of course
We represent the nation It's our people we put first
We even bail out third world countries,
it's our investment they devserve it
Simply forcing back the Russians
with peace missles built for trust
Screwing with the Yankee's--Law and Order is our must
Sick and fucking tired of their collaborations
Forwarding the clock to our extermination
Got a one way ticket for a seat to destruction
Their choice--our must--to rise with the mushroom
Hail to the mushroom--the total combustion
The realization of annihilation
Poseidon's answer, the Trident blunders
Your choice--our must--to die, but your wrong

Mighty and invinsible as they boil the seas for power
recruiting armies on the land to protect the state that cowers
>From the Russkies--from the dollar
one's investment, one our enemy
These people why can't they love,
human feelings don't that matter?
Much rather they would rule
building castles and tycoons
A crust out to the third world,
sending rockets to the moon
Making missles, tanks, and bombs,
nuclear power for our homes
Raising Hell up from the mines to the last human sacrafice
Well if you think all's well and strong
There's a movement that's uprising
If you think that we'll take that
You've got one hell of a shock coming
You might just have pushed too far
Your superior to nothing
The ungovernable force is gonna drag you out of hiding
You think you've got us beaten
You make one slip and you'll know it
We're watching every move you make
as you are us--forget it
For once we took an inch
now watch us take a mile
Your servants have turned their backs on you
and the world starts to smile

Mighty and superior you are the rulers, we're the ruled
You said the grass was greener one the other side,
but we couldn't see--of course
You represent your people, it's your own kind you put first
You bail out third world countries your investment to preserve
Forcing back the Russians with peace missles built for ???


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