Sleep It Off

Dejected Concrete Jungles
That never seem to end
Through complex tower structures
aimlessly they transcendover forgotten ghettos
they wont show on maps
inequal distribution of wealth
coincidental perhaps?

I tried to make a connection
to a world that shows no affection
america’s busy sleeping

I saw divisions
in our undivided land
with power unforgiving
fueled by greed it cant withstand
its self-inflicted dreams of hope laughing in our faces
getting fixed w/ its own dope
sponsored by class races


sleep it off
everything will go away
sleep it off again
shop till you drop and everything will be ok
sleep it off again
party till you puke
in your comfortable houses
sleep it off again
the streets are paved w/ the
neglected thousands
sleep it off again

looked into desperate eyes
unfufilled abandoned lies
heartless city after city
I witnessed our demise
of a common man in a not so
promising land
with very narrow means
to urgent human needs

reccommend them!

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