The Rain Came Down

The old man loaded up everything that he owned

On a wagon and headed out west

The old woman fearlessly faced the unknown

‘Cause she figured he knew what was best

And they settled down hard on a government grant

With six mouths to feed and forty acres to plant

And the rain came down

Like an angel come down from above

And the rain came down

It’ll wash you away and there ain’t never enough

Fall turned to winter another year gone

Over and over again

Some took their lives from their land and moved on

And some stayed on to plow it back in

And the good Lord he giveth and he taketh away

And the restless shall go and the faithful shall stay

Now my grandaddy died in the room he was born in

Twenty-three summers ago

But I could have sworn he was beside me this morning

When the sheriff showed up at my door

So don’t you come around here with your auctioneer man

‘Cause you can have the machines but you ain’t taking my


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