A vacation in Havana was divine
There were sex acts and gambling and organised crime
At affordable prices every time
Then along came Castro

You should a been in old Nicaragua
For a dollar a day you owned Managua
Down on the beach we lived like millionaires
Standing on the verandah in our leisure wear
Reading Cosmo and Vanity Fair
And then they got Somoza

Magic nights in old El Salvador
We’d samba with the junta until four
My Spanish got so good
Gosh i felt creative
Some places you get shot
Just for going "native"

Summer fun in exotic Bolivia
Now this may seem like utter trivia
I met an old man in the market selling baskets
And i said: "Hey there "muchacho" whats your
income net?
You mean that i spend more in one day on my wife-
Than you are gonna make in your whole life? "
And he said: "Si si si Yankee No,
Si si si , Yankee Go!"
Once they used to holler for that Yankee dollar
Now they got Che Guevara
Where the hotels were five star-a!

Once we couldn’t wait to fly down to Chile
Servants, Haciendas just hours away
Then the CIA got Allende
And General Pinochet was much more friendly
Still you hear it everywhere
Its in every market square
They say:
Si si si Yankee Go
Si si si Yankee No
Service has really slipped
Where we once over tipped

So if you are thinking South American Holiday
Get in your Chevrolet and stay
Find a little restaurant
Something "fun" and run- down
With tacos and frijoles, bull fight posters
All around
And after you’ve said your last: Ole!
Remember the good times get more expensive
Cause we’re running out of places
No more parking spaces
Yes, we’re running out of places to go
cha cha cha

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