TOUS ENSEMBLE (c) 1996 by Ray Korona

December of ’95, most of France had had enough.
The so-called liberal president kept saying times are tough.
But everywhere you looked, the rich were getting more.
Everybody else was shown the door.

Tens of thousands out of work, now health care gets the ax.
Soon pensions will be sacrifice. Shut up and pay the tax.
The railroad workers vowed: These ghouls can take a hike.
Get out on the street we’re gonna strike!

Chorus: Tous ensemble! Tous ensemble!
All together we will win.
Tous ensemble! Tous ensemble!
We can win together.

Just eight percent of workers were in unions now in France.
The railroad union could be crushed but still they took a chance.
And workers marched with homeless to bring down the elites.
Two million people took the streets.

repeat chorus

Nurses, teachers, artists, unemployed,
Black, white, women and men
Here to take our country back again.

The trains are running now and the factory whistles blow.
>From economic genocide, it’s back to status quo.
But it’s a different world. Now they know we’re there.
Listen, you can hear it in the air.

repeat chorus two times

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