With Everything to Lose

From the playground to the waste ground
Hope ends at seventeen
Sweeping floors and filling shelves
Forced into government schemes
Eleven years spent to dig out ditches
Forget your school day dreams
Guarantees and lie filled speeches
But nothing what it seems
Qualified and patronised and with everything to lose

No choice or chance for the future
The rich enjoy less tax
Dress the girls in pretty pink
The shit goes to the blacks
A generation’s heart torn out
And covered up the facts
The only thing they’ll understand
Is a wall against their back
The only hope now left for those with everything to lose

In desperation’s empty eyes
Signed up and thrown away
There’s drugs replacing dignity
The short sharp shock repaid
There’ll be no money if you dare to question
Working the Tory way
The truth is up there carved in stone
When 21 dead now lay
A family’s loss for a few pound’s saved with
everything to lose

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