New Z DVDs for June 2009

Z Video Productions has four new DVDs this month. Click here for a printable PDF order form, which you can print out and send back to us.

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Two Panels from the 2009 "Turning Points" Left Forum

The Current Crisis

Richard Wolff, Arlie Hochschild, Adolph Reed, Jr., Katja Kipping, and Walden Bello discuss various aspects of the current "crisis" and identify openings for the left to raise issues about the U.S. political and economic system. April 2009. 105 minutes.
Long Term Strategies for the Left

Stanley Aronowitz, Barbara Epstein, Michael Albert, and Bill Fletcher, Jr.  discuss various possibilities for rebuilding a vital, visible left–through a political party, giving people a sense that we can win, and other ideas for taking action during this "turning point" economic "crisis." April 2009. 66 minutes.

Plus Two Interviews

Historical Roots of the Economic Crisis

In this interview, Jack Rasmus draws on the history of the 1930s to explains how the wealth that funnels upwards (instead of trickling down) creates unstable speculative markets that lead to economic crises. He describes the repeated down-up-down crises of the 1930s, drawing parallels to today. April 2009. 53 minutes.
Implementing Participatory Society in Venezuela

An interview with Michael Albert about his visit to Venezuela where he talked with various people involved in worker-run factories, participatory planning, and other innovative institutional attempts to make their society truly democratic. March 2009. 90 minutes.


These and even more recent titles are also available to order through the Z store.