Right Wing Nixes Gay Christ


hacks and artists have used the story of
Christ to hammer home various moral, social, political and emotional truths. But
interpretation of Christian scripture is constantly disputed. This has been the basis for
all religious persecutions: the Crusades, pogroms, witch-burnings, the Inquisition.
Depictions of Jesus’s life have always been contested–Jules Renan’s now classic Jesus was
banned when it was published in the 19th century, just as Nikos Kazantzakis’s The
Last Temptation of Christ
was in the 1950s. The Catholic League’s battle against Corpus
is no different. By claiming that they "own" the correct
interpretation of Jesus the Catholic League is furthering the clear-cut and emphatic
anti-gay agenda of the religious and political right. They are doing so under the claim of
"religious discrimination" thereby obscuring their real intent and cloaking
themselves in the language of freedom and anti-discrimination.