The Korean Struggle

& Gary Dymski

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The problem facing the militant labor union movement, the only force presently capable
of organizing an effective protest movement, is if they fail to effectively resist the
mass layoffs which the chaebol say will begin shortly, they will be severely weakened,
perhaps destroyed. But successful resistance to such powerful adversaries in these
dangerous conditions will require the creation of a united coalition linking the majority
of workers and students, one that has the sympathy of the broad middle class.
Unfortunately, the creation of such a coalition may take more time to secure than the
unions have available to them. We can only hope that, as on so many occasions in their
history, the Korean people will find the courage and strength needed to sustain themselves
in this struggle, a struggle of monumental importance to the eventual outcome of the
undeclared, ongoing global war between national autonomy, community, and worker security,
on one hand, and the privileges and power of Neoliberal capital and global elites on the