2012 Election Spectacle

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2012 Election Spectacle

Jonathan Gillis

1 September – 2 October 2012


As the 2012 "election" spectacle grinds into overdrive, one wonders, how horrific will the future that the elites are writing, and that most of us are obediently going along with, be? The choice seems to be between two criminals; one, Obama, already a hardened war criminal[1], the other, Romney, currently a lesser pedigree of criminal who "has piled more debt onto more unsuspecting companies, written more gigantic checks that other people have to cover, than perhaps all but a handful of people on planet Earth"[2], if elected, might possibly out criminal-Obama. I should qualify the aforementioned, by expressing that the ruling elites are essentially above the law and enjoy immunity and impunity from investigation, prosecution, and certainly conviction. The United States "has an entrenched two-tiered system of justice: the country's most powerful political and financial elites are virtually immunized from the rule of law, empowered to commit felonies with full-scale impunity and to act without any constraints, while the politically powerless are imprisoned with greater ease and in far greater numbers than in any other country on the planet."[3]

So-called voter ID laws, which, given the virtually non-existent bottom-up voter fraud, are little other than political instruments of legalized suppression of entire demographics of eligible voters, namely those unlikely to vote Republican, will potentially deny the votes, that is to say the basic rights, of millions of US citizens eligible to cast a ballot. "[T]hose with good intentions and blameless records who are barred from legally casting a ballot because they lack ID are not just being inconvenienced; they are being denied the right that defines democracy. Voting is so important to democracy's functioning as an equalizing force that it is the first thing those in power deny the minority and the last thing they grant. Campaigns for voter ID laws may have multiplied dramatically in recent years, but they are far from new. They are simply an innovation in a decades-long campaign to deny those at the margins – blacks, the poor, the disabled – the right to representation."