An Open Letter to President Ahmadinejad

Mr. President,

It was widely reported that in May 2003 your country offered us, through a Swedish diplomat, a lucrative peace offer and it has also been reported that your country is supportive of FISSBAN.

Are these true?

If so, is your government still willing to make peace with the US and Israel based on the conditions in the 2003 offer?

Would your government be willing to make peace with Israel, stop supporting groups like Hamas and Hizbollah if Israel complied with international law and ended their illegal occupation of Palestine and Southern Lebanon?

Is the government of Iran still supportive of FISSBAN? To avoid the proliferation of nuclear weapons, would your government be supportive of an international treaty to control and monitor the development of fuel-grade uranium and plutonium?

Are there any other conditions, stipulations that you could share with the world?

I don’t want war with your country. I want our aggression in Iraq and elsewhere to stop. I want us to be responsible and fair in our international relations and I expect the same from Iran and every other country.

What would you like to say to the American public about what your government is willing to do to resolve tensions between us? This could be beneficial for us when listening to what our leaders have to say.

I would appreciate it if this question and answer is public and if I got a personal response as well.

Thank You,
Michael McGehee

PS: If others would like to contact the President of Iran to reask these questions please contact him through his personal website:

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