Anti-Bush Posters

For those unable to attend the huge August 29 “No to the Bush Agenda” demonstration in New York City, here is a small sampling of some of the posters and banners on display.


Not rich

Not selfish

Not stupid

Not Republican


I really don’t like George Bush


2 Layoffs, 2 Years

It’s Your Turn, Bush


I want to believe in democracy again


Moses 4 Burning Bush


Bush is a really crappy president


Suburban Moms for Regime Change


Bye Bush

65 days and counting


Four more years?

Forget about it!


Frat boys for truth


11/2/2004: The End of an Error


Four More Months


Fire the Liar


Dude, where’s my surplus?


George W. Bush is proof that you don’t have to grow up to be President


America is a free speech zone


Don’t assume your freedoms are assured


[Beneath pictures of Bush, Cheney, et al.]

Fossil Fools


Republican National Committee:

Bringing the Empire State to the Empire State


[Grinning Bush Photo]

Darn Good Liar


Don’t “misunderestimate” our votes


Thanks for teaching us the value of a vote


New York Hates Bush


Worst President Ever


Nixon was better


GOP Out of NYC


The World is Tired of Being Bushed Around


America: Wake up and smell the catastrophe


Texans Against Bush

He ain’t no damn Texan


End Errorism

Delete Bush


Bush Go Home


We the people

Not we the corporations


[Picture of Bush and Saudi officials]

Fahd Bless America


Who would Jesus bomb?


Repent GOP

The End Is Near


He doesn’t care to house the homeless.

Let’s remove him from the White House.


We Are Not Safer


Vote and Live


Let’s not elect him this time either


Honor the Fallen

Impeach the Profiteers


Osama bin Forgotten


“There is no sure foundation set on blood.”

–William Shakespeare


[Pictures of Bush Sr. and G.W. Bush]

Dumb and Dumber


Why Is the NYPD Protecting the GOP From Us, Not Us From the GOP?


Our Parks, Our Streets


This is what you get for electing a Republican mayor


Not in Our Town


These Helicopters Are Making Me Crazy


Bush or the Constitution:

You Decide


Bush’s UN Charter:





UNwelcome in NYC


Liar, Liar, Iraq‘s on Fire



CONservative GovernMENt




Mission Accomplished:

Halliburton Got the Oil


One Person, One Vote*

May not apply in certain states


When they don’t like the outcome, they change the rules


The elections were honest

(in Venezuela)


Abstinence in 2004: No Bush, No Dick


I wasn’t using my civil rights anyway


If you can read this, you aren’t the President


The Son of Sam did what God told him to, but he only killed 5 or 6 people


[Cardboard constructed pink elephant]

Drunk on Power


Bush: Always Wrong, Never in Doubt


Get Out of Iraq

Get Out of NY


Redcoats Go Home


Oh, so that’s what a Republican looks like.


I’m marching for my grandma, and she’s pissed.


Cheney Controls His Bush, I Control Mine


Carried by kids:


Bush starts it, we end it


My Daddy doesn’t want me to get drafted


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