“Anyone Out There”? Reflections on the Obama Ascendancy and Progressive Surrender

If there is anyone out there who still questions the power of our democracy, this is you answer.

- Barack Obama on the night of his election to the United States presidency




Recently a Canadian radio station asked me (and Bill Fletcher and Alexander Cockburn) the following questions: "what changes do you expect from an Obama presidency?"


The change I care about won’t come "from" and Obama (or any other) United States presidency.  It won’t come from the top down.  And it’s not about the crystal ball.


My book Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics (www.paradigmpublishers.com/Books/BookDetail.aspx?productID=186987)shows that Obama is strongly beholden to and identified with leading centers of concentrated economic and political power – large corporations and Wall Street, the Pentagon, and the foreign policy establishment.  He never would have gotten to where he is today by rocking these dominant institutional boats.


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