Balkan Refugee Voice

Balkan Refugee Voice is a publication that in this issue informs readers about the living conditions of refugees living in Serbia, about the Readmission Agreement signed by Serbia and the EU, about Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Kosovo, and the Erased (Izbrisani) from Slovenia.

You can download Balkan Refugee Voice here:

And if you would like to print it and distribute it you can download it here:

Freedom Fight (Serbo-Croatian: Pokret za slobodu) is an organization devoted to working on issues of worker, refugee, and students’ rights. Among other projects Freedom Fight organizers produce Z-Magazine Balkans, a printed version of Z-Magazine in the Serbo-Croatian language, as well as monthly bulletins such as Workers’ Voice, Refugee Voice, etc. produced by and for affected communities.

Freedom Fight (Pokret za slobodu)


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