Climate Activist Tells Moyers: ‘We Want Walmart To Be Subservient To Human Interests’

An activist whose two-year prison sentence is the focus of a new documentary outlined the difference between “climate justice” and environmentalism for Bill Moyers on Friday.

“We don’t want Walmart to be a greener, corporate citizen,” Tim DeChristopher said on Moyers & Company. “We want Walmart to be subservient to human interests. We don’t think corporations should be masters of men. And you know, that’s really, that’s the difference between the climate justice movement and the environmental movement, in my opinion.”

While environmentalists urged people to rethink their consumer habits, DeChristopher said, his school of activism pushes people to think of themselves as members of their communities.

“I think in the past few years, especially for the younger generation, there’s been more of the reminders that we are citizens,” said DeChristopher, the co-founder of the group Bidder 70, which has won awards at 20 film festivals, and was also screened in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he staged his original protest.

“Not everyone has to go to prison. But I think everyone has to feel empowered to take strong actions,” he said to Moyers. “And, you know, no one can say, ‘This is the kind of action that we need right now,’ because nobody knows. Nobody has the answers. You know, nobody has ever stopped a climate crisis before.”

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