Evidence of Man-Made Climate Change ‘Overwhelming’, Say Scientists

Less than two weeks before the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its latest report, two powerful statements from eminent scientists warn that the overwhelming weight of climate science “warrants massive political momentum”.

In one tough statement, a group of 12 prominent scientists – making up the newly established Earth League – question why so many governments are failing to prioritise climate action; given the magnitude of the threat.

They warned that the “body of evidence indicating that our civilisation has already caused significant global warming is overwhelming”, and that business-as-usual – devouring fossil fuels and excessively pumping greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere – has the world on track to experience 4°C of warming this century.

The group calls for aggressive action to stabilise the climate, warning that such high levels of warming could have disastrous consequences for the global community.

The statement said:

In an editorial for the Times, the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Mark Walport, and three of his predecessors, Sir John Beddington, Sir David King and Lord May said:

falsely claimed that global warming forecasts were “wrong” and computer models have overstated warming.

The latest IPCC report is expected to show that climate scientists are now more certain than ever that climate change is being driven by human activities.

This report, which is published on 27 September, will be the most comprehensive review of climate science undertaken to date.

The report – which is still in draft form and due to be discussed by governments before its publication – is expected to “add an exclamation mark on what we already knew” about the dangers of ongoing climate change.

Leaked drafts suggest that based on current fossil fuel emissions and temperature projections, we are set to fail to limit global temperature rise to 2°C – the internationally agreed target. 

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