From Jan 1, Indian Launches Direct Cash Transfer Of Subsidies. Is It Aimed At Scuttling Food Self-Sufficiency And Paving Way For Food Imports?

Aadhar-based cash (electronically generated unique identification number UID) therefore is simply overbearing and needs to be seen in the light of political bias. In fact, the visible trend in the ongoing national debate is more towards being seen as politically correct.

aadhar-based cash-for-vote will end up being no different than the hype generated at the time of launching MNREGA.  

mandis (market yards) at the Minimum Support Price. Once this role is withdrawn, farmers would be left at the mercy of trade.


mandis and thereby unable to provide farmers with assured prices, distress sale will become a norm.

(Devinder Sharma is a distinguished Indian author, journalist, policy analyst respected for his views on food and agriculture. He can be reached at [email protected]; follow him on tweeter at: @Devinder_Sharma)

*Crore: 10 million.

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