International appeal to support the reinstatement of Malalai Joya

The case of Malalai Joya, the 29 year-old elected representative unjustly suspended from the Afghan parliament in May 2007, requires the urgent attention of the international community.


As activists and writers living in countries whose governments are at war in Afghanistan and back the regime of Hamid Karzai, we wish to express our support for Malalai Joya.


Ms. Joya has been an outspoken critic of the heavy presence of warlords and other anti-democratic forces in the Afghan parliament, and for this she has won widespread support. In 2005, she was elected to parliament as a representative of Farah province. Such is her popularity that when she as suspended from parliament, spontaneous demonstrations took place throughout Afghanistan to show support for her reinstatement.


Contrary to the claims of the NATO governments, Malalai Joya says that the West’s occupation of Afghanistan has pushed her country “from the frying pan into the fire,” empowering assorted warlords and criminals. Joya has also explained that six years of war have not encouraged the spread of women’s rights: “We want liberation, not occupation.”


We believe that the governments of the NATO countries bear a great deal of responsibility for Malalai Joya’s security, as they created and prop up the government that has allowed her to be expelled from parliament. Because she has spoken truth to power, she has been the victim of four assassination attempts, and must travel clandestinely and under tight security.


We pledge our ongoing support for Malalai Joya’s reinstatement and call on the governments of the NATO alliance and other countries with troops on the ground to pressure the Afghan government to reinstate her to parliament.


The world is watching the case of Malalai Joya, and she has great support amongst all those working towards genuine democracy and women’s rights in Afghanistan.




Original Signatories


Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK (United States)

Cristina Cattafesta, President, Coordinamento Italiano Sostegno Donne Afghane (Italy)

Noam Chomsky (United States)

Libby Davies, Member of Parliament, Deputy Leader, New Democratic Party (Canada)

Dr. Lynette Dumble, Director, Global Sisterhood Network (Australia)

Kim Elliott, Publisher, (Canada)

Mable Elmore, Coordinator, Friends of Malalai Joya – Canada, Co-chair, (Canada)

Joan Felip, activist (Catalonia)

Susan George, Senior Fellow, Transnational Institute (France)

Heike Hänsel, Member of Parliament, Left Party (Germany)

James Ingalls, Co-director, Afghan Women’s Mission (United States)

Christine Jones, Co-chair, Canadian Peace Alliance (Canada)

Jef Keighley, Chair, World Peace Forum Society (Canada)

Naomi Klein, journalist (Canada)

Sonali Kolhatkar, Co-director, Afghan Women’s Mission (United States)

Jack Layton, Member of Parliament, Leader, New Democratic Party (Canada)

Collette Lemieux, Co-chair, Canadian Peace Alliance (Canada)

Heather Mallick, writer (Canada)

Hakeem Naim, Co-director, Malalai Joya Defense Committee (United States)

Derrick O’Keefe, Editor, and Co-chair, (Canada)

Hamid Osman, President, York Federation of Students (Canada)

Silvana Pisa, Member of Senate (Italy)

Laura Quagliuolo, Vice-president, Coordinamento Italiano Sostegno Donne Afghane (Italy)

Gina Whitfield, Friends of Malalai Joya – Canada

Onnie Wilson, Network Coordinator, RAWA Supporters Melbourne (Australia)




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