Letter from Özgür Gündem

Özgür Gündem

Dear Friends,

The newspaper Özgür Gündem represents a continuity of the free press tradition. It publishes the news regarding Turkey, Middle East, Europe, Caucasia, Balkans, Latin America, Far East and the whole world through the perspective of the oppressed.

Our newspaper defends society against power and unity of autonomous communities against state. It is on the side of oppressed people, workers, women, people oppressed because of their sexual orientation, ecologists and children. Our newspaper is also against patriarchy, homophobia, racism and nationalism, destruction of nature, neo-liberalism which means poverty and unemployment for the working classes and militarism.

Our newspaper, which struggles for ecological and democratic society, is one of the most determined defender of the concepts of direct democracy such as self-governance, self-defense, self-organisation in Turkey. We are actually struggling for a democratic society where all the communities live in a democratic republic to achieve direct democracy. Further, our newspaper evaluates the development in the Middle East through the perspective of a regime where the people may live in a democratic confederation. Our newspaper support oppressed workers against the monopolistic capitalism and publishes articles for an autonomous economy.

As you may already be aware, the Kurdish question is the main political problem of Turkey. Our newspaper situates the democratic, fair and peaceful resolution of the Kurdish question in the heart of its publication policy. We are struggling against the state’s policies based on the denial and destruction and we are facing with several oppression policies of the state and its hidden organisations.

Our 76 writers, reporters, distributors have been killed and our newspaper buildings have been bombed because of our support to the liberation movement of the Kurdish people. In addition, our newspaper exposed the fact that these bombings and massacres have been made by the state as a result of its own journalism capacities. As of today, 109 journalists, reporters, newspaper owners and distributors coming from the press tradition are imprisoned and they are on trial with the charges of hundreds years.

Nowadays, we are facing a new wave of attack and oppression. As a result of the Turkish government’s policy based on the concept of “new strategy”, which is diffused by the media institutions as the government’s new strategy with respect to Kurdish question, our newspaper has been closed for one month as of today.

We ask you, dear friends and comrades, to establish networks of solidarity, to put this oppression to the agenda where you live, to reveal Turkish government’s oppressive attitudes and to inform international community with respect to the closing of our newspaper as of today. Your solidarity is very precious for us and will shed lights of hope during our continuous everyday struggle.

Not1: We are waiting your new articles. Because we published a new newspaper. Name is Günlük. 30 days after Özgür Gündem will start again.

Kind regards,

Özgür Gündem Newspaper


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