Magisterial counterattack of the new Latin-American political class in Venezuela and Bolivia

In a masterful counterattack to the destabilizing policies of Washington in Latin America, Hugo Chávez expelled in humiliating form the imperial ambassador Patrick Duddy. His action was supported by Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador and  most importantly, the Southern Colossus, Brazil, that told the camarilla in the White House not to cross the red line of the Brazilian area of influence. In the diplomatic language of Itamaraty: "We will not tolerate the rupture of the Bolivian institutional order".

In this way, with the support of Argentina and Paraguay, a cordon sanitaire is established around the separatist zones that Washington has created by means of an evil inversion of the revolutionary "focus-theory" of the sixties. As a consequence, a configuration of regional geopolitical security administered by the  Latin American Regional Power Block (Bloque Regional de Poder, BRP) comes into being. It is evident that such configuration cannot lack the coercive element, that is to say, the concentration of military forces in the geographical borders of the separatist counterrevolutionary foci, from the side of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

The dangerous Latin-American crisis that we live is the corollary of the movements on the “world chess board” of the Washington-Tel Aviv connection  that desperately tries to achieve accomplishments of  the expansionist-subversive neocon-agenda, they haven´t been able to achieve during Baby-Bush´s  eight years in the White House.


To this agenda belongs the threat of war against Russia hurled yesterday by Sarah Palin, the prospective US vicepresident; the authorization of US military attacks inside Pakistan, ordered by Bush in July, against the expressed will of the Pakistani Armed Forces; the authorization of the military aggression of Georgia against Ossetia in August, with soldiers armed and trained by Washington and Tel Aviv; the sending of warships with nuclear armament to the Black Sea; the authorization of 400 million dollars to destroy the government of Iran and, in Latin America, the military coup d´etat  against Hugo Chávez in April 2002; the subversion against the Evo Morales government and the ongoing aggression against Cuba.

The subversive interventionism of Washington and its allied oligarchies in Latin America is generating the conditions for the decisive battle against the Monroe Doctrine. The military aggression of Washington-Tel Aviv-Bogota against Ecuador, in order to destroy a FARC camp in Ecuador and kill its international hostage-release negotiator, Raúl Reyes, was the start of what Washington intends to be the final offensive against the hemisphere latinamericanist goverments. On that occasion, the new Latin-American political class avoided, at the insistance of Brazil and Cuba, the confrontation with Bush and his pawn Uribe, judging that the conditions of battle were not suitable.

This time, the reaction of Brazil and Venezuela shows that they have understood that the Battle of Bolivia is decisive and that their outcome will determine the future of the new Latin-American political class  — to which they belong and which they try to consolidate – and their attempt to convert Latin America into a sovereign subject of world politics (la segunda independencia). They begin to act with the profile of a regional power that protects its right to exist and its interests, not with the well-meaning manifestoes of the intellectuals, but with real power: political, economic and military. It is a repetition of the first anticolonial war of independence (1809-1825) with growing signs of a unifying class consciousness of the leading political actors: the Presidents.

All the presidents of the new Latin-American political establishment are ethical persons and none wants the spilling of blood. But history teaches that the decisive battles among different historic projects are decided by the correlation of power  between organized forms of violence, in this case, the organized fascist-imperial violence versus the legitimate and legal organized violence of the States.

Today, as in 1810, there is no third option in the Patria Grande.

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