New Schedule for WWW (as of 11-6-10)

Day :1 Vision and Theory of Radicalism


Democratic Theory

Parecon – video speech

Anti-oppression (Theory, history, etc.) – Mike/Kaitlin

Visualize democratic campus

Our place in the revolution

Criticism of media/politics – Garrett


Day 2: SDS as a Whole


History – AL



Linking to other SDS groups

SDS and the revolution


Day 3: SDS This Chapter


Consensus – Mike

Anti-oppression (practice) – Mike/Kaitlin

Conflict Resolution – Ben possibly

How to Have a Discourse (Non-Violent Communication, Respect, etc.)

SDS and UNT – Garrett and AL

UNT and SGA power structure

Other movements on campus – other groups come speak? Stewart will contact.

Issues – Ben


Day 4: Strategies and Action/Media and Rhetoric


Research and issues

Media workshop – Garrett and Candice?

Grassroots Gazette

Other chapters questions


Pick Days (Ben picked Democratic Theory)


We decided on the two day class one day break.


We decided to do it on the dates of ……


Thursday the 6th & Friday the 7th


Saturday and Sunday off


Monday the 10th & Tuesday the 11th


Wednesday off


Thursday the 13th & Friday the 14th

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