No War, No Warming:

From October 21-23, 2007, join a global movement rising up against war and global warming by participating in a massive intervention in Washington DC or your own community.

Millions of Americans want immediate action on the twin global threats of the Iraq War and Climate Change. But as the violence, chaos and death in Iraq continue and we hit another year of increasing climate disasters, our government is failing, once again, to respond to the will of the people.


It is the USA‘s addiction to oil that drove our country into war with Iraq and could fuel future war with Iran. Climate Change threatens us with new conflicts over resources such as oil, land, and water. Additionally, the US Military is the largest single consumer of petroleum in the country, so as the military grows, so does our addiction to fossil fuels. We recognize this vicious cycle of resource wars and Climate Change and demand that our government take immediate action to bring our troops home and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.


The burning of oil and coal is the major cause of climate change. Our addiction to carbon-based fossil fuels is melting the icecaps, raising sea levels, destroying Indigenous land, cultures and peoples and fueling extreme climate events like Hurricane Katrina world-wide. Our window of time in which we can prevent these crises is running out. As people lose access to clean water and eco-systems wither, the Earth and our communities will become less equipped to respond to the impacts of climate change.


Who suffers from war and climate change? In both cases, it is the poorest people, people of color and communities in the Global South, who suffer the most, whether it comes in the form of a poverty draft, the bombing of a neighborhood, the privatization of natural resources, or military bases, detention centers and oil refineries in communities. Systemic racism remains the underlying abusive foundation of the US drive to control resources.


The US Government enables companies like Exxon-Mobil, Halliburton, Blackwater, Bechtel, and others to reap profits at the expense of the neediest communities. These corporate profits buy our elections and threaten true democracy.


The US must immediately shift to a clean energy economy and end its addiction to oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy. Imagine if we shifted the billions of dollars being spent every month on war in Iraq to investment in energy conservation, efficiency, and good, safe jobs in a renewable, clean energy economy. Bring our troops home now and invest in green jobs to rebuild our communities!


We Need to Take Immediate Action.


STOP the war in Iraq and future resource wars by ending our addiction to fossil fuels.


SHIFT government funding to rebuild New Orleans and all communities suffering from racism and corporate greed.


GO green and promote environmental justice with new jobs in a clean energy economy


Here’s What You Can Do:




Come to Washington, DC, the Nation’s Capitol, to speak truth to power! Join the following powerful actions so that we can have the greatest impact on U.S. and global policy makers.


Begin planning now for the week of Oct 19 – 23


October 19 -20: The IMF and World Bank will be meeting in Washington DC and there is an international call for global justice actions.


October 19-22: The Energy Action Coalition is gathering thousands of students for Power Shift, a student-run conference focused on climate change.


October 21-23: No War, No Warming is calling for a massive intervention in Washington, DC, with solidarity actions around the US and internationally. On Sunday and Monday we will be organizing trainings for nonviolent direct action / civil disobedience and holding spokes council meetings to plan and coordinate our actions.


The intention of No War, No Warming is to hold Congress accountable; we will hold an intervention by taking over Capitol Hill on a day that Congress is in session. We will be putting our bodies on the line to say enough is enough. We will be taking positive action to make visible the cost of these failed government policies and to creatively manifest the world we know is possible.


Until our Government representatives change course off the path of destruction, we have no choice but to get in the way.


Some of us may gather in the intersections and set up windmills or solar panel blockades. Others may hold people’s assemblies in front of the doors or create a bicycle bloc in front of a parking garage. Actions may bring to light the cost of war and climate change through die-ins or cough-ins. Others may sit in silent prayer, or form a chorus of resistance in the streets.


Across the country and world the message of No War, No Warming may be taken to Federal Buildings, US embassies and directly to the offices of corporate profiteers.


Start talking now with your family, friends and co-workers about how you might intervene to prevent catastrophic climate change and embody the world we know is possible. Form a group and make plans to send some folks to DC or organize an action at home!


Let’s show the American people, our government and the world that we are taking immediate action to STOP this war and break our addiction to fossil fuels, SHIFT funding to support a sustainable economy and GO green, just and renewable!


Join the Intervention!  Another World is Possible. It is up to us to make it happen!





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