Perspective of the Day: What if Iraq was the US?

Let’s think about what we have done to Iraq and put our feet in their shoes.

What if the roles were reversed?

Let’s imagine the death and destruction we have visited upon them had happened in proportion to our society.

They are a country of 23 million people. We are 13 times larger at more than 300 million people.

Let’s imagine they, the Iraqi government, propped up our brutal governments for decades (who were busy killing and terrorizing millions of Americans while killing millions more via our invasions of Canada and Mexico) and then turned on us – following our invasion of Mexico which looks like they gave the greenlight for (i.e. their version of April Glaspie) – in a war in 1991 that killed 1,500,000 Americans.

Let’s imagine then that they imposed economic sanctions that killed 13,500,00 Americans, half of which were children, which a top Iraqi government official said was "worth it."

And then they manufactured stories in 2002 about a non-existing threat. Which they used in 2003 when they invaded us, occupied us and set up a theocratic government that caused the deaths of 19,500,000 Americans, caused birth defects and cancer rates in newbornds to skyrocket and fostered the envrionment for 104,000,000 Americans to be displaced as refugees living in squalid conditions.

This is the story we would see if the roles were reversed and the effect on their country was modified to fit the size of our country.

Maybe that kind of destruction will help us put things in perspective.

In the space of less than twenty years, if what had happened to Iraq had happened to us we would have seen the violent deaths of more than 34 million Americans.

That is nearly 12,000 9-11′s.

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