Resign, Rumbo.

 We now have everyone from Senators (both parties) to Generals (retired, of course) to the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine, Times calling on the Secretary of War, Donald “Rumbo” Rumsfeld, to resign due to incompetence. I think he should resign because incompetence is his forte and callousness is his calling card. But these strident calls for Rumbo’s resignation miss a couple of cogent points.

The outcry calling Rumbo to resign due to incompetence is specious, at best. I think that in cowardly attempts to avoid what is really important in this mistake in Iraq…calling for Rumbo to resign, or for George to fire him, is definitely a smoke screen to not have to talk about who else should resign: George, Darth Cheney, Condi, Alberto, etc. Rumbo is not the only callous and incompetent member of this devious administration who lied our country into war and has authorized crimes against humanity from the very highest level of our government: the executive branch.

The focus on Rumbo also takes the focus off of an illegal and immoral occupation. Instead of calling for Rumbo’s resignation, the same people who claim to support our troops should be screaming for an immediate exit strategy. Victory is not possible in Iraq…our best hope is to leave now, lick our wounds, and help the people of Iraq recover from BushCo’s high crimes and misdemeanor’s the best we can without our military presence in the region. With almost a million people dead due to the gross ineptitude of BushCo and over three million displaced, it is time to stop punishing one country for the crime of being trapped in George’s corrupt and insatiable lust for blood, guts and glory. It’s ironic that the glory he sought will be forever turned into infamy as he goes down in history as the worst president in a long line of pretty bad presidents! A gullible public more interested in American Idol than our nation’s leaders committing or endorsing cold-blooded murder were satisfied with the lies of a grateful Iraqi public with oil flowing into our tanks and goodwill flowing over the oceans were given only a desert awash with blood and guts and littered with shrapnel and limbs blown off with cluster bombs that look like toys.

The increase in blood shed is due to gross negligence and criminal incompetence with the additional complication of training and supporting militias that are taking out old vendettas on each other while targeting American forces in their spare time. A recent report detailed that almost 300,000 small arms were unaccounted for by the US Military and are probably in the hands of insurgents who are killing our children at an ever escalating rate. Insurgencies can never be defeated and instead of “winning” like George says we are we are becoming the laughing-stock of a world that sees that an insurgency in a small country is holding off what was the mightiest military on earth. The only thing that the illegal occupation of Iraq is proving is that our military is weak in the hands of gutless alarmists who send our children to die in a war that never should have been waged!

The historic bungling of Old “you go to war with the Army you have” Rumbo is truly tragic and horrendous to us families who have had a child killed due to his insipid and unintelligent leadership. My own son, Casey, was in Baghad for 5 days when he got the call to go and save some of his buddies who had been trapped in an ambush. The 182nd Field Artillery division of the First Cavalry sent its human assets into a war zone before they sent the armor…Casey, a humvee mechanic and motor pool driver, was sent into a raging battle in the back of a trailer wearing a Vietnam era flak jacket. Our children are precious and irreplaceable. Not pieces in an evil game of Stratego that has no end for us bereaved families who will never be the same because of inhuman era.

But, big but, if Rumbo resigns, are we saying that we want a more competent murderer? The murderers in the White House and the rest of BushCo will still be there and they have also been proven to be scheming dimwits. What will our troops or the people of Iraq gain if one of the neocon cabal resigns?

Instead of calling for Rumbo’s resignation, good people of humanity from all parties, should be calling for impeachment, removal from office and imprisonment for all of the Bush regime.

This would be true progress in our search for peace and justice.

Vote for Peace on November 7th and join GSFP for their accountability sit-in surrounding the White House.

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