SDS Minutes 10 – 30 – 10

SDS Minutes 10.30.10



  • Temporary Structure

  • Winter Week Workshop

  • Peace Fest

  • Bush


Temporary Structure and Activities

Read up on consensus (On Conflict and Consensus by CT Lawrence Butler), start researching on chapter building ideas, conflict resolution. Declaration of “who’s in and who’s out”, membership, define decision making power and who has it, at least temporarily. Preamble idea-Garrett will come up with a draft. Recruiting people – look for experienced activists and organizers for these temporary meetings, then try to bring in new people for the WWW and next semester. Flyers? For Peace fest focus on two things: SDS exists (visibility) and Bush protest.


Winter Week Workshop

6 days in 2 day increments in the first two weeks of January.

Each core organizer will have a certain topic

  • Vision and Theory of Revolution

    • Consensus – Mike

    • Parecon – video speech

    • Anti-oppression – Mike/Kaitlin

    • Visualize democratic campus

    • Our place in the revolution

    • Criticism of media/politics – Garrett

  • SDS Inside and Out

    • History – AL

    • Leadership/Membership

    • Caucuses

    • Linking to other SDS groups

    • SDS and the revolution

  • SDS and UNT – Garret t and AL

    • UNT and SGA power structure

    • Other movements on campus – other groups come speak? Stewart will contact.

    • Issues

  • Strategies and Action/Media and Rhetoric

    • Research and issues

    • Media workshop – Garrett and Candice?

    • Grassroots Gazette

  • Other chapters questions


The 6th day will be a summary/wrap up day. The main focus of this last day is to ultimately decide on the structure, issues, and organization SDS will take. Thus, at the end of each day, we should wrap up the days information/events and how they pertain to this end goal.

Peace fest / Bush

At Peace fest we will have a table, advertising our existence, and have a contact sheet. Banner? Flyers and Bush protest.

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