SDS Minutes 12 – 18 – 10

SDS Meeting 12.18.10


  • Pick roles

  • Last weeks minutes

  • Updates

  • Membership

  • Constitutions (Tabled for next meeting)

  • Literature for digital packet

  • WWS: Schedule and Promotion

  • Foods and


  • Next weeks agenda

  • Announcements

  • Meeting Eval



Garret read an email he got from Steven Benevidas from SDS Dallas. AL found a website that has a large catalog of anti-oppression exercises and tools which we can use for the workshop (http://www.trainingforchange.org).



Last meeting we discussed having new members sign a membership agreement instead of the Consistution. We discussed what should be on the membership agreement.

When do we kick people out?

Candice proposed that if a person misses a months worth of meetings (4 consecutive meetings) then they will become an inactive member.

She also proposed creating a Membership Coordinator position to keep track of membership, attendance, contacting people, and dealing with new members.

The group agreed by consensus.


How do people get kicked out?

Conflict resolution process

When a conflict arises, we use the conflict resolution process agreed upon with everyone who is an active member. We will hold a special meeting with all active members and the person under consideration where we discuss the issue and try and rectify the problems. If the issue persists, we will hold a second meeting with all active members and the person under consideration where there will be consensus minus one. Consensus minus one must be reached in order to kick out the person.


Digital Packet

We went around the group and everyone who had something for the packet described what they had and Garrett bottom lined receiving everything and putting it in an organized format.


WWS Schedule and Promotion

This was going to be given to a committee to flesh out and specify.

Garrett expressed a concern about having nobody RSVP/show up to the workshop and that maybe we should push it back until after SDS establishes itself on campus.

A proposal was made to move the workshop until after school starts.

We agreed on this plan but tabled setting the exact new dates.

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