Seven Deadly Sins (Signs) of San Francisco

Hello Friends,
Photos for your enjoyment, information, newsletter files or perhaps not, in which case forgive me.
These are seven photos mostly using official signage and placards in my San Francisco neighborhood that tell a story of social neglect and toxic poisoning of one working class low-income community.
The link takes you to the page where informative captions can be accessed by clicking on the individual photos.

All Hail<br />
                        Downtown” src=”http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2115/2353048168_15834d26d1_s.jpg” width=”48″ border=”0″ /></a> <strong style=Seven Deadly Sins (Signs) of San Francisco

About the set
7 photos
Posted signs & placards reveal neglect of one San Francisco community.
A selection of photos from the set
The Revolution will be Televised All Hail Downtown What Radioactivity? Where's the Money? Lowest Income, Highest Illness

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