Solidarity letter to the striking workers of `Frape Behr`, Barcelona, from the workers of Jugoremedija, Bek, and Šinvoz in Serbia

Dear comrades,

Two thousand workers from the Jugoremedija, BEK and Šinvoz factories in Zrenjanin have been fighting the catastrophic consequences of privatization, which began in Serbia in 2001. Through consistent and united struggle, the workers of Jugoremedija have reclaimed their workplace and achieved worker control/management over their factory. Now, with their help and support, over one thousand workers of BEK and Šinvoz that were left without jobs and have been driven into bankruptcy by privatization are fighting to recover their factory and reclaim their jobs. During November and December of 2007, workers blocked both of these factories, demanding a cancellation of the privatization contract and government assistance in getting out of bankruptcy. We are determined to continue the blockades of our factories until our demands our met. We want to ensure our existence as workers, rights to undisturbed self-organizing, equal participation in decision-making regarding the future of our workplaces and the equal treatment of all workers.

Through the alternative media we found out that you are leading the same battle in your factory the we are forced to fight. The experience of the Jugoremedija workers showed other workers in Serbia that persistence and solidarity are the strongest weapons for workers fighting for their livelihood and the existence of their families. We strongly believe that global solidarity amongst workers is the most effective answer to the global injustice that is inflicted on workers by the system of exploitation, and because of that we support your fight and call for you to stay persistent until the company Frape Behr cancels it’s plans.

In solidarity,

workers of Jugoremedija, BEK, and Šinvoz

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