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Crowdus, Gary and Dan Georgakas (editors). The Cineaste Interviews II (Chicago: Lake View Press, 2002). 286 pages. 25 Illustrations. Paper ISBN 0-941702-50-2 $17.95 Cloth ISBN 0-941702-51-0 $29.95 Can be ordered through the distributor: Smyrna Press at [email protected]

(1) Can you tell ZNet, please, what your new book, [Title goes here], is about? What is it trying to communicate?

The Cineaste Interviews II offers in-depth, but very readable commentary on the art and politics of contemporary cinema.

(2) Can you tell ZNet something about writing the book? Where does the content come from? What went into making thei book what it is?

 The Cineaste Interviews II collects the 25 of the best interviews published in Cineaste in the 1980s and 1990s. Among the international filmmakers included are Tomas Alea (Cuba), Ken Loach (England), Costa Gavras (France), and Abbas Kiarostami (Iran). Among the American filmmakers included are Spike Lee, Oliver Stone, John Sayles, Susan Sarandon, and Robert Redford.

(3) What are your hopes for [Title here]? What do you hope it will contribute or achieve, politically? Given the effort and aspirations you have for the book, what will you deem to be a success? What would leave you happy about the whole undertaking? What would leave you wondering if it was worth all the time and effort?

 The Cineaste Interviews II continues the Cineaste tradition of bringing a leftist political dimension to film criticism. We seek to influence moviegoers, teachers, programmers, critics, and filmmakers. While we always question the enormous amount of time and energy this enterprise entails, we have not only survived for 34 years as a magazine but have an ever-growing audience. At a time when dross is the hallmark of most Hollywood fare, we feel our role in highlighting and publicizing quality Hollywood, international, and indie films with political punch is more relevant than ever. These interviews offer a permanent data base for reference on some of the best films of our times.



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