The Oliver Kamm School of Falsification

The Oliver Kamm School of Falsification:
Imperial Truth-Enforcement, British Branch

Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

An important and perhaps growing feature of official and strong-interest-group propaganda is the resort to personal attacks and flak to keep dissidents at bay and inconvenient thoughts out of sight and mind. This has been notable over many years in the case of pro-Israel propaganda, where we can observe a positive correlation between upward spikes in Israeli killings and dispossession actions (and in the world’s negative reactions to these, as in the case of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s brutal, late December 2008 attack on the Gaza Palestinians), and the increase in pro-Israeli activist, lobby, and political agents’ cries of "anti-semitism," along with other efforts to halt criticisms of Israel, and to punish those who do not know when to heel.


The same is true of many other forms of interest-group propaganda, including the vast array designed to protect imperial actions and the imperial state. We were very conscious of this when studying the Western dismantlement of Yugoslavia,[1] where the Western media quickly fell into line and treated with aggressive condemnation any departures from the accepted truth and de facto party-line.[2]  The media-truth-squads were joined in this and reinforced by

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