The US on the road to perdition: The drums are beating hard and voices have risen as the United States of collective amnesia tries to sell the new costly, albeit fraudulent product of a war with Iran.



By : Joobin Zarvan



The drums are beating hard and voices have risen as the United States of collective amnesia tries to sell the new costly, albeit fraudulent product of a war with Iran.

Its economy is firmly predicated on a rigid and extreme doctrine and the radical organizing principles of sustaining a monstrous machine, which rapaciously covets the blood of the earth and runs on the fuel of war. Yet another bloody one, next to an abysmal record of myriads of others, already fought.

War definitely pays big dividends to those who sponsor, design, it. It simply takes a febrile imagination, not necessarily a fertile one, to come up with a spurious justification to welcome yet a new war.

For the unsavory corporate kings and their entertainment queens, of course, it is all about the money. As long as the inconvenient facts can be readily incinerated if not relegated to oblivion, there is nothing wrong with scheming to engineer a grand predatory plan to make but a few more dollars.

For the sake of the furious folks back home, who have been again fooled by a fallacious argument, an enemy must be found. If none available, then one must be created. Inevitably, a war must be fought. It is the accoutrement of a neoconservative economic power, being the will to make consent if not fake it.

When the war starts, it innately tends to gather momentum, develop a logic and justification of its own. This is when many lose sight of why it is being fought and why it began in the first place.


Viewing politics as power, as maintained by the US, has actually blinded the American government, to the crucial role of power in politics. Reflective of the values

from which and toward which the internal strife for theorizing a new American empire, in a new era, is directed.

To achieve that, any system of power, thus intrinsically challenged, needs a staggering supply of ignorance, accompanied by a monumental moral apathy, stemming

from an arrogant notion that holding a lexical high ground, sustained by a monstrous economic & military machine, is really tantamount to enjoying a cognitive superiority,

moral integrity and cultural veracity.

This pathetic claim to civilizational authority and superiority, is reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling’s versified account of the white man’s burden. And as poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance, the stupid white men, plus a more dense, black woman, making up the Bush administration, are now break-dancing at the end of that needle, hoping to buttress, a wrong, by making a second one. Which could well be a much bigger one, if not The biggest mistake ever. Sabre-rattling against Iran.

American politicians have apparently learned no lessons from their last blunders. However, when they reflect on the past – and it’s a matter of how they make use of the past in window dressing, rather than viewing the past as something that can have a creative and constructive impact on the present  -  they are, in fact, merely rearranging

their insular prejudices if not ill-ordered priorities. And bitterly ironic, this peculiar process of US so-called contemplation, usually tends to manifest itself, in the

form of a floridly bellicose and apocalyptic rhetoric, in preparation of yet another ferocious unprovoked aggression on another sovereign state and humanity

at large.

And the mother of all these illegal naked aggressions, also known as inexcusable military blunders – horrifically catastrophic, as it may have been, for the Iraqi civilians

- when coupled with the father of all US lies, managed to re-introduce not just to the Mesopotamia – read middle east – , but in fact humanity at large, Atilla the Hun’s army,

descending barbarously on a poor nation,  ten thousand miles away, however, disguised as evangelical liberators, commissioned to save, read civilize, the Iraqi people, suffering from the evil clutches of a despot, the ruthless Army – of America and co. – had themselves put in place years before.

Although, the very first US president, George Washington once famously said, " the US is in no sense founded upon the Christian doctrine ", everyone now knows there is

nothing more admirable in politics than a short memory. Which the US administration has, of course, in ample measure. But, having a selective memory, these days

is completely in vogue, because having a vivid one, is completely in vain. If, one cannot assume a stance that reflects the same, in action. Something, already

made all too difficult, in a consumerist environment, controlled by a fear-based political propaganda system.

The frightful extension or over-extension of American militarism has recently gained a new frenetic momentum, albeit seemingly unmanageable, to prepare for a possible

dangerous encounter with Iran. A country, all too familiar, with Washington’s regional priorities.

The US persists treading on a pathological path of disregard for the sovereignty of other countries, in an inexorable march toward war with Iran. The continuation of this and the concomitant terrorizing war-mongering doctrine supporting it, is unfortunately not a dazzling exercise in democratic will, but as poignantly observed, is yet another manifestation of an imperial hegemonic system that is jumping the shark to regain its lost confidence and possibly a piece of credibility, in the new era.

It is about time the Bush administration, on behalf of the US, realized that it cannot solve its significant problems, by solving them, from the same level of thinking, they used

in creating them.

It is high time the Bush Administration comprehended this elementary political concept that it is not about what is right about war, no matter how unjust the whole idea,

it is actually about what is left…after it. For, the invaders, the victims, and the discerning of mankind, that would hold the feet of those powerful, to the fire.

Washington and allies are on a road to perdition. This path, leads to further grisly carnage of the innocent in the region, and would certainly further disenchant an already stultified western democracy, internally challenged by a series of unanswered upsetting questions to it’s credibility. A rocky democracy that’s made to fear the truth. And as such, is not built to last on that precarious premise.


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