The Wars, Coups, Crises & Occasional Good News From The Middle East


these new negotiating possibilities on RT .

why the national security state is still necessary – almost 50 years after my IPS colleague and great mentor Marcus Raskin invented that term – and you can watch the Real News interview here.

September 11 attacks? It’s been used for more than a decade now to justify not only illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the drone wars in half a dozen country, the snatching and imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay people from all over the world, and more outrages. It should be repealed. US News & World Report organized an on-line Debate Club on exactly this issue – and I’m glad to say that my position, calling for immediate repeal, got the highest number of votes. (No, I didn’t get a pony.) Barbara Lee’s argument was second. And the “no don’t repeal it” side lost by a landslide. You can take a look at the Debate Club here

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