The Zionist State at it Again

Tweet:  “Yes, unarmed activists  attacked Israeli commandos—RIGHT! With bread, eggs, and bananas; it surely was an onslaught.”




And you thought the Somalians had a monopoly on piracy.  Think again.

They are still but neophytes next to the Zionists.


65 kilometres beyond Israel, in international waters, “commandos landed by helicopters on the boats and immediately opened fire” (Greta Berlin, spokeswoman of the aid flotilla).


“A warlike attack against aid ships and deadly shooting at peace and humanitarian activists”  by a “crazy government” (Uri Avnery of the Gush Shalom organization, and former Knesset member, in a press release).


19 killed; the rest abducted.  The fate of the abducted “is in their own hands” (Zionist spokesman).  To wit, cooperate and be freed, or else.


Some ten years ago I wrote a poem on Netanyahu.  Two quatrains hereunder:


                   Netanyahu is no funny name—

                   It means the Zionist Jew;

                   He does not mind the Arabs much,

                   If elsewhere they remove.


                   The Netanyahus like Palestine

                   Kosher and occupied;

                   So peace demands that they revile

                   Those they have exiled.


And Uri Avnery agrees that the Israeli disclaimer of having “disengaged” from Gaza notwithstanding, the occupation continues.  It continues until that provision in the Oslo accords which said a deep water port would be built in Gaza to allow free movement and trade for the Gazans is not fulfilled.


So it is not just the exiled and the occupied who are reviled, but whoever stands up against the “siege, starvation, and massacres in Gaza” (Justin Podur, www.killingtrain.com).


And it does not matter who they are.  In this case, among the abducted is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Mairead Corrigan, 1976, several European Union legislators, and, yes, even a Holocaust survivor!  Real hero of our times.




And Mairead Corrigan must be whispering in her own ear—since  the abductors have cut off all communications—how this  mightily indefensible act of war, following on the certified war crimes of 2009 (certified by the Goldstone Commission) must offer the last Nobel Peace Prize winner, name of Obama, a golden opportunity to show that he deserved the honour.


Ha! Pity the innocence of the peacemaker.  Corrigan forgets why the Zionist is so oblivious of punishment in the first place.  Because, Obama or no Obama, and the Nobel regardless,  every President of America is first and foremost the Jinn who stands behind the Zionist criminals.  Gili Gili, and presto, the Jinn appears to shoo off the world of little men, in or outside the Security Council.


And remember, the redneck part of America may be anti-semitic to the  bone marrow, for now  it is the “Islamist” who takes pride of place as chief bete noir.


And then there is the pro-Israel lobby.  And the next election is never too far.


Thus, this round too shall pass.


As to world-wide obloquy, the Zionist skin is far too thick to worry about suchlike.  They have seen it all before.


So, when the noise is over, it will be back to business as usual.


But consider, just for a minute consider, that not the Zionists but the Iranians had stopped, only stopped, a flotilla in the straits of Hormuz.  Baby, it would have been war on the instant, and Teheran burning.


And to think that them Iranians have never attacked anyone yet, and do not even have a nuke.


That privilege belongs to the god’s chosen tribe of Israel alone.


As does the other honour of having been the originators of “terrorism”.  Surely the world has not forgotten the Stern and Irgun gangs—to which such stalwarts as Moshe Dayan, Begin, Sharon and other worthies belonged, and who wrecked havoc in the David hotel in Tel Aviv long before  Palestine was divided, blasting some 90 or more Britishers and others to holy smithereens.


But shout all you can, and the gods are deaf.  And just about dumb as well.  Don’t you know, they have expressed regrets, but will not accept an international enquiry into the attack.  That is for the Israeli government to do.  After all, the booty belongs to the thief.




And what of India, the land of ideals, of Gandhi and Nehru? 


That was then.


Now it belongs to Manmohan Singh and the  RSS.  For them no country as marvelous as Israel.  For being America’s all-time pet poodle, and permanently anti-Islamist.  And for a glorious record of no-nonsense militarism.  Go anywhere, anytime, and kill.


Alas, that poor India is not able to do the same, much as it would like to.  Thus, teeny weeny Israel remains more puissant than the emerging world power, India.  What could be more galling.  But, all things considered, best to be on the same side as the Zionists.  They have the weapons.  And they have impunity that stretches from here to eternity.


Next to all that, ideals are a sissy.  Neo-Liberalism  has no use for them.  The world will always be unjust and unequal—men will always count for more than women (Taliban and the Hindu right wing agree), Jats more than Dalits (witness Mirchpur in Haryana), and Hindus, Christians, and the Jews more than the Muslims.  Plain enough.  Your problem if you can’t see that much.


And, lest we forget, the haves more than all the have-nots, flotilla or no flotilla. To them belongs the land, the forest, the mines, the water, the food, the hospital, the university, the job-market, the perks, the  ports, the airposts, the swanky hotels, corporate conglomerates, technology, creature comforts, the law, the police, the government, the state.  All in one destined swoop.


And do you know why?  Because of their karma in births of yore.  So, if ye be woman, low-caste, dark-skinned, illiterate, diseased, hunted, dispossessed, and mightily hungry, compelled to eat mud, blame your karma.  What does policy have to do with such things?


Remember, there are elections, and there are the Elect.  So, elections or no elections, it will always be the Elect who rule.


And who more Elect than the children of Moses who were promised their land?


So when  Obama, the colour of his skin and his middle name notwithstanding,  made that speech in Egypt, seeking like Moses, to cut a way through to Muslims, what he did not mean at all  was that justice would prevail. 


Only that the Zionists would continue to ride rough shod over the Arabs, come what may.  And, if the Muslims acquiesced,  the next attack (after Iraq and Afghanistan) would be  delayed  till it could no longer be delayed.


And even Egypt and Saudi Arabia nodded agreement.  Which tells you why the Iranians are such a pest.


But then, they are only Shias, and no real Muslims.  Surely the Sunnis will understand, as they have always done.



Netanyahu, yahoo!  Have fun. 



Cozy up to Manmohan.


You are much loved in Washington.

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