This Morning In Aida Refugee Camp

The Israeli military still holds Bethlehem under curfew. Soldiers went round to houses inside Aida Camp demanding names of all children in the families to add to their lists. Here in the camp all children are suspected of the crime of throwing stones at heavily armoured Israeli tanks that plow through their streets. Sometimes the tanks shoot at the little kids and their families, other times they come just to bully and threaten, to demonstrate that the Israeli military is in control.

For the sixth day, now approaching the end of Ramadan, Palestinian Muslims cannot reach the mosque to pray.

Israeli soldiers terrorized Deheisha Refugee Camp for the second night in a row. Well over fifty people were drug from their homes the night before last and added to the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners sitting without charge in Israeli prisons. The count for last night is not in yet. Again today schools are closed. A friend considered studying for an exam last night, but instead closed his books and laughed. Another, one who limps because he was hit by Apache missile fire in April, is rehersing for a play that now will only be performed inside the camp because getting out is not possible.

The general news so far today is: Israeli soldiers killed four people in Nablus. One was from Balata Refugee Camp, two were assassinated. Israeli soldiers killed two people in Jenin. One Palestinian died at Eretz Checkpoint near Gaza City. Apache missiles bombarded Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip. They destroyed a house and shot missiles into an empty school.

Kids are playing in the alley defying the Israeli imposed curfew that is meant to keep them trapped indoors for days on end. A man is yelling at his family. Israeli soldiers are gunning tank engines by the cemetary. The mosque is calling for prayer. An F-16 is flying overhead.

Now an Israeli military jeep is plowing down the dirt alley way shouting for curfew and kids are scrambling. A tank is following and has launched a sound bomb. Tear gas is coming through the window.

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