26 Words for Your 14 Years (An Ode to a Nameless Boy)

26 words for your 14 years
That’s all the paper said
You were Palestinian
You threw rocks
You are dead

26 words for your 14 years
Is the heart breaking trade-off you have made
14 years of occupation
14 years of deprivation
14 years of shattered dreams

26 words for your 14 years
Is what you get for being a non-person
1 short paragraph
1 cold sentence
1 nameless statement

I’m left with 26 questions for your 14 years
#1 What was your name?
#2 What did you look like?
#3 How bright were your eyes?
#4 How far did they dream?
#5 Were you a good student?
#6 Did you get to love?
#7 Did you get to be loved?
#8 What made you laugh?
#9 What made you cry?
#10 What music made you want to dance?
#11 Have you lost a relative?
#12 Did you bite your nails?
#13 Did you play soccer?
#14 Did you get along with your mother?
#15 Did you have brothers and sisters?
#16 Were you eldest, youngest, or in the middle?
#17 Did you have a secret hideout?
#18 What did you want to do, when you grew up?
#19 What was your favorite book?
#20 What animals did you see, when you looked at the clouds?
#21 When was your birthday?
#22 Did you lay awake in the nights?
#23 Did your daddy have time to play with you?
#24 Were you afraid of snakes?
#25 What’s your first memory?
#26 What did you feel with the gun to your face?  

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