As You Shoot

As you shoot, I walk your line
Eyes wide open, I’m the little sister
I’m watching you, big brother
As you flame the fires
The caged bird sings
As I rise from the ashes
I mourn no more
As I become the people
And we become the mass
And we topple your steeple

As you shoot, we walk your green line
You cross the red line, it is ours to define
As you lash your whip
We can only defy
As you wish for us to lie
Down and die
Up and out
So you can build to the sky
What goes up, must come down
Down came the towers of Babylon
Too many languages in one small state
Too many barriers, inflaming hate
Fires of hell can’t compare to Gaza
Flying monkeys looming in the Bank

As you shoot, we spit out the poison
The state will indict it’s people for treason
You will invent
We will resist
See the empire fall
We will live on
You can only live among us
Accept your fate as just a man, not The Man
Just one of us, part of a public turf
As you shoot, you kill yourself

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