Breath of the Informer, an Allegory


Breath of the Informer, an Allegory

                 for Thirugnanamoorthy

Remorseful, the noonday sun

Frizzles with the stealthy wind

Under the rubbery mountain green.

A calmness has come to rest

From having tossed in its sleep.

The forest has taken leave

Of the hunted horn and drum.

No more the tapper late of nap

Scurries to the haven of a nest.

No more the rattle whisper fades

To nothingness in a lonesome rest.

No more, no more, for the heavens

Sleep and all the troops sleep too.

The sinewy python stretched past

Clumsily the ragged rock and branch.

The Owl has called its reveille at last.

And the forest sleeps with the wind

Gently fanning some whisper closer

And closer, every wave, a venomous flick

Of a serpent, a kiss of rest.

(Letter describing the situation in Malaya and denouncing

treachery,written in 1952 to Thirugnanamoorthy who was banished

by a British magistrate to Ceylon in March 1952. The letter never

reached him.)

© T. Wignesan, Seremban, 1952. Pub. in Tracks of a Tramp : a

first collection of poems, 1951-1961. Kuala Lumpur-Singapore :

Rayirath Publications, 1961.

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