Feet, feet that walked away with the toes

Feet, feet that walked away with the toes

Heavy the hoods of the eyes
  that laboured the scan of horizons
Heavy the course of the thoughts
  that sat unstirred on the sill of the stare

Heavy this ancient bottomed nose
  sitting in judgment over this meat
Endlessly shunting the frenzied workers
  now sniff-drunk and steam-bellowed in the street

This the scull careered through rutted scars
  the primeval hair bushed in pathways
Where long tribes with long lances
  prod the undergrowth for signs of lost bones

These the ears that heard the wake of worlds
  wandering in the ever irretraceable tread
Ears though that admit the silent secrets
  ever still and hospitable to the panicky refrain

This the assembled machinery, forging fire
  have dropped the tongs
Down the corridors of investigation
  hurtling in darkening diseases

These the loins, companion of time
  stalked through fire, filth, and foam
Baked in the hot ovens of empires
  wearied some morning in blurry depredation

Wobble-eyed, knee-tied, dragged with pacing company
  through yesterdays that are forever lost indemnity
Heavy the larvae lipped throb, kiss and consider
  heavy the molten strata ooze, consider and kiss

These the organs that prodded nations
  and shrivelled up to curse them all in pain
Pursed its potency, convulsed the course of the vein
  this the dismembered member of the tribe

Heavy, alas, these feet that thump
  jog and reel in the dancing rhythm of millenniums
Trod on the will-less face of faiths
  twitched their toes and walked their way

 ©:  T. Wignesan, 1957 (from the collection: Tracks of a Tramp. Kuala Lumpur-Singapore: 1961)

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