Ghazal: Now that she’s left and gone to be herself again

Ghazal : Now she’s left and gone to be herself again
Now she’s left and gone away, my clothes hang dry
On the line for all to see – what a crying shame !
The lone cuckoo calls out in a haunting tone
Who hears him down here but on wing – what a shame !
Pigeons and crows balance on the clothes-line
And their droppings stain the sheets – Oh open shame !
She’s gone with shrieks from the magpies that dark day
And left me with her first born – Block my shame !
Baby cries for all to hear recall her voice
Where will it hide its face – Oh growing shame !
The musang miaows its woes in the jackfruit tree
Now that the wild she-cat roams in wayward shame
Baby gapes out the window and wonders why
If earth and sky witness bear – painful shame !
Would that the mother hear the cuckoo call
And lift her head to listen to quell my shame
The jackfruit’s ripe and sags at the tree trunk
A moaning woman at child birth – no shame
The puffed monsoon pulls its South-West skirts up
And floods the rice fields with tears, bitter shame !
Hamadryad’s hypnotic eyes turn ire red
Fate keeps the mongoose from common death – O Shame !
Still the baby’s cries in my ears call to you
What will I tell her later – wipe out shame ?
My own shame mixed with no name to call my own
No Elephant God of Wisdom can blot out shame !
© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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