Give me back my name

give me back my name

tell them i’m gone
tell them i’m gone to change my name
      give them any name
i’ll not give them another name

tell them i’ll not take my father’s name
  no more father than i’m my own
i do not create
   i’m not responsible
i have no ownership over my makings

so i’ll take this name i’ve got
    for the moment
tell them
  and i’ll go short-changed to be cast again

tell them i’ll go and change my name
         not have my name changed
and come out again unchanged

tell them again i’ll not take my father’s name
      tell them that
tell them i’ve gone to change my name
my very own name
and yet keep the name i’ve gone to change

tell them that

tell them when i’m there
i’ll see why josephus broke the essenic law
why marx the mighty essene changed his name
and note
why the ribonucleic-acid embargo in between
why the dna father-son short supply

i am a cell lodged in the molecular-memory-millennia
i’m the agent of growth and decay
i see the cells strung out in an embryonic fantasy riddle
    while intercourse was still permissible

i proclaim
i propound
   in my genes the spermatic stimulation
   the evolutionary process
the woman the link-breaker
keeps it all going longer and longer
until i stand and transmit
until we reach out into the micro-wave length
listen in on ourselves
in the multi-macro-cosmic network :
the tv stations
the electronic transmitters
the nether-world subliminal messages
all shall interlock
and we remain tuned in
sitting bolt-tight-up
in our nudging squeezing cells
no more afearing nor doing
no more no less that is
than sucking a python diet

we’ll do without rousing sex-play
      courtship nor foreplay
or even sans monetary excuse
we’ll do it for ourcells
                      in ourcells
by ourcells

then i’ll not have to go away
nor will you have to tell them

‘he thinks he’s gone to change his name
                    his only name
and quite probably not take his father’s name’

rendes-moi mon nom unique

Copyright ©:  T. Wignesan, 1965 - London from the collection : tell them i’m gone. Paris : 1983. (rev. 2012)

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