Golden Secrets in the Flower

Golden secrets in the flower

"...The Secret of the Golden Flower is not only a Taoist text of Chinese yoga but also an alchemical tract. (...) it was the text of The Golden Flower that first put me in the direction of the right track." C. G. Jung

"The Golden Flower alone, which grows out of inner detachment from all entanglement with things, is eternal." Richard Wilhelm

does it bloom in the subatomic quark neuron
a flower 
           petals deranged
burning with green rage
dark firmament pullulating infinitesimal quasars
unpeeling layers of nuclear fusions fissions
the blue-blackish greenish-blue haze

is this the eye looking at the eye
                                            which I
between the crushed ajña-eyebrows
under eyes straining to envelope reality from afar
spotty bright grains pulsating in a velvety ink-blue-black throbbing screen
thoughts racing forwards and backwards in time

childhood slights deprivations unrevenged hurts
throbbing thriving on treacherous jabs by of-all beings friends
those who profit from taken-for-granted confidences
                                the women who dun-you-in
thoughts of a nature to make you hate fate

then the pulsating roving churning dismembering coalescing screen
and in the pale fringey opening white furry stripes on the blue-black greenish bulgey bed of velvet
                   whose I
lights the frigid fire burning dynamo
whose eye
reopens brightens
                         what is it an eye
which stares
shrinks sharper by the fractioned second
      closes and opens again
and again
till the pinpoint galactic blackholing centre

the myriad diamondlights buoyed on a myriad-petalled dryburning flowering sun
shedding golden glory
expelling all thought 
                            or is it mere doubt
the intense unrelenting feeling of
                              is it joy
or a fumbling stolen fear
the mental orgasmic relief
the sense of deep other knowing power come face to face
refreshing retreading the worn-out neuron paths

then the return
                     after the wearinesses
or is it nonplussednesses

to this world
    to words
        to wars
            to waste
                to wickedness
a world without wonder
     without womb
         a world dying
       a tomb

see only what you should see
   words see only what eyes make belief
even when words don’t mean what they see

© T. Wignesan - Paris, July 3, 1997[Revised May 2003] -from longhand notes: a binding of poems. 1997

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