Heritage of Heroes

There’s not one coward among you
Not one man, who will hesitate to pull the trigger
Oh yeah, baby! You’re a big man now
Your barrel’s just that long and just that thick
And it will do just that much damage
And when you come home from the battle field
I will love you, like only a woman can love a murderer
And when you go back out there, I will pray for you
Like women often, blindly, do
And when you return the victor, you will name your baby
Cast Lead
Lead is the cold metal your heart is made of
Lead is the hot metal Palestinians fear
Lead is that dead object that penetrates the body and leaves you dead
Little Lead will fear no evil
Little Lead has a big, strong daddy
Little Lead’s daddy killed a 100 Arabs!
When little Lead grows up, he wants to be just like daddy
Little Lead will be a big man
Little Lead will carry a big gun
Little Lead will kill many Arabs and fuck many women
Little Lead will bear a first born son
Little Lead will name him after daddy

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