Kyke and Other Words I Say with Love

Once, ‘Kyke’ was a word for shame

If you were a Kyke, you could be called a Kyke

If you were a gentile, you could say that word Kyke

Kyke means you’re dirty

Kyke means you’re not human

Kyke means you’re just a two legged beast

Kyke means your death is meaningless

Kyke means your life is meaningless


One word and you are dust and bones

One word and you loose yourself

One word can make you into a group

Kyke means you are no longer one

Kyke means you no longer have a name

Kyke means you no longer have a face

Kyke means you are now one of many

Kyke means you are now a problem


Problems can be dealt with

Problems have solutions

Where there’s a will there’s a way

And you are to be done away

Because you are a Kyke

Because you are a Nigger

Because you are a Chink

Because you are a Gook

Because you are a Abo

Because you are a Dago

Because you are a Dunecoon


Words of hate are among us

They are as common as people

Where there are Jews, you’ll find Kykes

Where there are Africans, you’ll find Niggers

Where there are Chinese, you’ll find Chinks

Where there are Vietnamese, you’ll find Gooks

Where there are Aboriginals, you’ll find Abos

Where there are Latinos, you’ll find Dagos

Where there are Arabs, you’ll find Dunecoons

And in all these places, you’ll find human beings

Full of hate


I am a human being

I take back your words of hate

I put these words in my loving mouth

I say these words with care

I say these words so many times

That these words loose all meaning

And human beings regain theirs

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